Performance Coaching with Matilda Mayne


What is it that I do?

I work with high performance athletes to help them get comfortable with discomfort, allowing them to stay open under pressure so that they can enjoy the moments that matter. In concrete terms, I work with people who experience:

* performance slumps they don't understand
* low confidence in themselves
* feeling under excess pressure
* being injured and worried about being left behind
* knowing they have what it takes but feeling stuck
* feeling lost in their development
* wanting to achieve but feeling burnt out
* feeling stressed but without anyone to turn to

We work together to identify the knots that are holding them back, and advance towards untying these in a way that leaves them stronger and more wholesome than before. Each project I undertake is carefully considered as a unique opportunity, and I tailor my approach each time. The outcome will vary, but the philosophy remains the same: everything we learn is about falling in love with the ups and downs of the performance process. 

My toolbox

Performance Psychology. 
Rooting itself in sport psychology, the psychology of performance examines how the best in the world function, and what allows them to deliver excellence when it matters. It's not all about sport - any high pressure domain is explored, including business and entrepreneurship, the military, emergency services, the arts, chefs, bodyguards and many more.

It's about you. My job is to understand you in depth, and guide you in finding answers that are your own. I aim to create a space and a conversation where we can be honest, optimistic, vulnerable and responsible for our own growth. I hold the space, you go for it. 

Beyond offerering a fundemental ingredient for sustainable physical performance, yoga taps into essential principles of growth, skill development, self-awareness and self-regulation that translate typically abstract concepts into practical experiences. It's a highly flexible and creative platform that allows athletes to learn about mental skills without having to 'just talk about it'.



"Working with Matilda has been a major part of my recovery from a long-term injury. As time has gone on, we've moved from just focussing on the physical aspect of yoga to thinking about the mental side. I'm learning coping skills for when I return to sport as well as for everyday life.  Not only has yoga helped me physically to tap into muscle relaxation techniques that will help me develop as an athlete when training/competing, but the mental skills I've learned (stress coping, mindfulness) will be invaluable when I'm back in normal training." - M, Performance Rowing

 "It has really opened my eyes to how important it is to be aware of your emotions and how you are feeling both while competing and away from training/games. Surprisingly as opposed to mental skills being a demanding process I have instead learned the importance of rest, knowing your body and not being too hard on myself." - V, Performance Fencing

"Matilda is always so welcoming and accommodating. The process has been a very collaborative and individualised one, which I've greatly appreciated. These are skills which aren't really talked about or coached in a conventional sense in sports but I believe they should be. It needs to be individual. The skills that I was taught definitely helped me to perform at my best this season, in particular dealing with national team selection and task focus in games. Plus, having an outlet away from the team has been really important this year." - T, Basketball Scotland


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