The Mortal Yogi - Dhugal Meachem

Listen to the first episode of The Mortal Yogi podcast hosted by my yoga teacher Dhugal Meachem. We discuss the psychology of mastery, the importance of harnessing stress to our benefit, and some practical applications and experiments. Let us know your thoughts!

The Mortal Yogi - Episode 1


Conditions For Growth

In this podcast, we explore how different people think about growth, progress and improvement. I am deeply interested in how certain individuals make sense of their own growth, whether that's on a personal level (e.g. maturity), about skill development (e.g. improving your craft), or whether it's about the bigger picture (e.g. developing your understanding of life). What ingredients, what conditions do they perceive to be important? What sort of pace do they want to grow at? We'll explore these questions both through interviews and through my own musings, reflections and readings.

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